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2yrs old locked iPhone for 47 years

Date : 2018-06-11
Author : Sahil Kukreja


Yes, you are listening right. iPhone in China has been locked for 47 years. We always type the wrong password on the phone, and after few misguided attempts, it disables our phone for 5 minutes but here again China is also leading the whole world in this field. 

So, what exactly happened? A kid was playing with iPhone of his mom then he typed the wrong password many times. iPhone system calculated this into minutes and locked the iPhone for 25 million minutes, and it is equivalent to 47 years. This is the dramatic scene. This comes in the news when a Chinese website publishes this report.

Locked iphone Image
Image Credit:- South China morning post

Now, here a question in our mind that can women use her iPhone? Apple official said she has two options first is she has to wait for 47 years, and other is she has to reinstall all files and use iPhone as a new one. This is very clear that nobody will wait for 47 years to use the phone.

Apple should not advise resetting the device. There are many some private information and some useful information. The user doesn't want to delete information they saved on phones. Apple should have some way to recover the password in these types of cases. There is a system on all iOS devices, if you attempt six wrong passwords, then it will disable your phone, and after ten incorrect attempts of a password, it will give you an option to reset your iOS device.

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