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iOS users can now watch YouTube videos directly inside WhatsApp

Date : 2018-05-03
Author : Naveen Bhatia


A lot is occurring in the world of WhatsApp lately. WhatsApp has rolled out a significant update for iOS users which will no doubt have users somewhat happy. Every update fixes some small glitches and bugs, but this one adds a sweet new feature. Mainly, iOS users can now watch YouTube videos directly inside WhatsApp. Yes, The videos will play directly in the app in a picture to picture mode. No more would you have to switch in between two apps every time someone sends you a YouTube phone.

For people like me who use old telephones which start to lag at the slightest amount of usage this could be a blessing because let's be honest, everyone hated the fact that we had to switch apps, break the flow of a conversation and then watch a video. And no doubt we are delighted that they have finally added this. So how does this feature function correctly?

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Well, earlier when you tapped on a YouTube link while on WhatsApp you were kicked out from WhatsApp and taken to the YouTube app where you could watch the video and then switch back to WhatsApp. All this was somewhat time-consuming. Once the update rolls out all you have to do is click the link, and the video will start playing within the app itself in picture-in-picture mode.

This means you can continue the conversation and watch the video simultaneously. You can also switch between different conversations without pausing or closing the video. The update is still only limited to iOS and does have a few bugs and glitches that would need to be ironed out, and those will be taken care of shortly according to reports. So we can expect WhatsApp to take care of these minor issues and then continue progress with the Android update of WhatsApp as well.

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