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How to download PUBG Mobile on PC?
Image Credit:- How to download PUBG Mobile on PC

How to download PUBG Mobile on PC?

Date : 2020-07-08
Author : Amar Prem

Now, You can play PUBG on PC from a new Emulator and its name is Gameloop Emulator. It is a good emulator and all PUBG online streamer are using this emulator as it is a official OUBG Emulator with better handling of the game.

From the last two or three years, you can download PUBG for PC using "Tencent" website but now it is changed. I can't edit video but I can change this PUBG download link.

In past, we were playing PUBG on PC using "Tencent Gaming Buddy" Emulator but now it is changed into Gameloop. Now, Everyone is playing PUBG on PC using Gameloop Emulator.

Gameloop Emulator is also very great and you can download it using the below link.
Here I provided two links One is from a website and second link from Google Drive.
Both links are running very well and you can download using any link.

1st link: - Download from Website (Click here and a web page will open, It will download automatically, you just have to wait for 4-8 seconds. It will automatically download Gameloop file. You only have to open this link. During download, it can ask for Keep or Discard so you have to click on Download.)

If 1st Link don’t work for you so you have to download it from the given 2nd link.

2nd link: - Download from Gogle Drive