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Google Jobs 2020
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Google is giving jobs to 3800 people in 2020, here is the opportunity

Date : 2019-12-22
Author : Amar Prem

In the year 2020, Google will recruit around 3800 employees in many countries including India. These recruitments will be for in-house employees and will be for customer care support. This information was released by Tory Dickerson, Vice President of Google Operations Center.

Google hires a most third party and temporary employees, the company has been criticized for this. After which Google has decided to make new hiring. At present, the company seeks the help of third party companies for its customer and user support such as answering calls, product troubleshooting and campaign set-up.

Vice President Tory Dickerson said the company would open a Google operations centre in Mississippi, the US next year, which would expand its reach in India and the Philippines. Dickerson said, the company will create 4,800 jobs in customer support by 2020, of which 1000 people are already working in Google Customer Support.

In 2018, the company was told that they will start a pilot program for some in-house jobs to increase customer and user support. The company explained the success of its pilot program behind this hiring.

What facilities will be provided to the employees hired in Operation Centers: -

  • - They will be given salary and benefits according to the industry.
  • - Three weeks paid vacation, 22 weeks for paternal leave and healthcare (medical, dental and vision coverage) facilities will be available.