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Will YouTube delete Alex Jones YouTube channel?

Date : 2018-06-08
Author : Amar Prem


Conspiracy theory distribution network informal Alex Jones facing a ban on YouTube after two strikes against two videos of his YouTube channel for breaking YouTube policies on bullying and harassment. In one of his video, he claims that the student who survived in the shooting at majority Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida were actors and he also claims that he also meet one of them name David Hough and they were trying to get him on YouTube for a fair interview. 

This video is taken down by Alex after some time. Alex Jones is calling him a crisis actor, and this is very wrong. He breaks YouTube policies. Although, he received two strikes on his channel and he also said YouTube is going to remove its channel from YouTube. For your information, Alex Jones has nearly 2.2 million subscribers with more than 1.35 billion views. 

Alex Jones YouTube channel
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Advertisers are talking to YouTube to remove their ads from the Alex Jones channel. They don't want their Ads anymore on Alexander channel because this is under controversy and it is affecting their brands. According to BuzzFeed's senior writer, claim that Alex Jones is talking about YouTube and this is only a self-made story. YouTube is not going to take his channel down.

According to YouTube, they don't have any plan to remove the channel of Alex Jones, and they did not say anything about to remove the channel from YouTube. There is more than 33 thousand video on Alex YouTube channel. 

In December, YouTube also said they would hire 10000 moderators to remove fake and missing videos from the YouTube to make YouTube a better and transparent platform for viewers and advertisers.

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