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WhatsApp is coming with new significant updates.

Date : 2018-06-10
Author : Sahil Kukreja


WhatsApp is coming with the new feature day by day and making it most popular instant messaging app on the internet. WhatsApp has more than 1 billion active users per month, and this is a tremendous amount for any application. WhatsApp is the world biggest instant messaging app. We all have WhatsApp on our phone. 

A few days ago, WhatsApp launch "delete for everyone" feature. Using this feature, you can delete your sent message within 7 or 8 minutes after sending the message but now in this new update WhatsApp is working to update it time and now your sent message within 1 hours 8 Minute 16 second. You will get this feature in next update of WhatsApp in coming days.

We always send the audio message on WhatsApp. We record our audio, and then we sent to the friend. In the next update, when you will record your audio, press recording button and after 0.5 seconds, record button will expand, and you can remove your finger from voice recording button and can still record your audio without any pressing the button. You have to press the button for 0.5 seconds and then remove your finger from the button, and you can easily record your voice without touching the button.

WhatsApp big update
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Still, we use emoji symbol on WhatsApp to express our emotions but so soon you can also send sticker on WhatsApp, and you can easily share your expression in more vivid ways. It is coming so more quickly with these stickers. If you use Hike, you can send sticker and express your feelings to them. These features are useful and according to our needs.

The most awaited feature of it is WhatsApp payment system, and they are working hard on the payment system. Still, we use Paytm, Airtel wallet, Google Tez, and other official applications to send money. The biggest app to send money is Paytm, and it is a good app. WhatsApp will create a massive effect on payment system only in India. WhatsApp will kill all these wallet companies, and it will entirely remove all these because WhatsApp has a significant user base in India.

Almost everyone smartphone user has WhatsApp on their phone. Everyone doesn't use Paytm, and other apps but everyone uses WhatsApp, and it will be more comfortable to send money to their friends without any other apps. For to carry cash on WhatsApp, you have just to set up your account with WhatsApp, and then you can quickly send money without any problem without any delay.

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