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Top 5 cheapest Internet plan in India

Date : 2018-06-10
Author : Amar Prem


One year ago internet plans were so expensive. 1 GB data was available at a very high rate in India. 1 GB data cost was nearly Rs250 to Rs400. This was very costly for especially for the student before the Jio comes in the Indian market. All company internet rates were so high in the past. People only use the internet to read the message and reply. They don't watch any videos, don't play any online streaming music. They just the internet to read their messages, emails, to use Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media applications except playing YouTube videos.

But, after grand entry of Jio, everything has been changed in Indian communication market. Now, all companies providing unlimited calling, unlimited data, unlimited messages and everything coming in unlimited. There are some rules on unlimited services by TRAI of regulations.

Jio has changed the Indian telecommunications business, and this is a massive change in the previous year and still changing market of telecommunication.

Top 5 cheapest Internet plan in India
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So, today we will tell you about some very cheap internet data offer/plans available in the market?

1. Jio provides the cheapest internet offer at Rs149. It is providing 42 GB of data for 28 days, and you can use 1.5 GB per day. Unlimited calling and 100SMS per day. 

2. The plane which comes with the second number is available at Rs198. This offer comes with 56 GB data, and they are also providing unlimited voice calling. Customers can use 2GB per day, and it is available for 28 days. Jio also offers this offer.

3. This internet plan is providing by all companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone. You can use this offer at Rs199. All companies are providing 1.4 GB of data per day. You will also get unlimited local and voice call. 100 SMS for local and STD numbers. This is available on all handsets.

4. Again Jio comes in the fourth place. This is another offer. This is for those who are searching for long time validity offer. This offer is valid for 84 days. You have to recharge your phone with Rs399. You will get 126 GB data, and you can use 1.5 GB per day. You will also get unlimited local and STD voice calling and 100 SMS per day.

5. Now, let's talk about 5th offers, and we search for this on all websites of all companies providing internet like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, etc. Again, Jio comes with the cheapest offer with longtime validity. You have to recharge your phone with Rs448, and it will provide 84 days validity. You will get 168 GB data, and you can use 2GB per day. You will get unlimited voice calling, SMS for local and STD.

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