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Samsung To Launch The World’s First Flexible Smart Phone- Galaxy X by 2018

Date : 2017-12-29
Author : Amar Prem


Technology is a truly wonderful thing, it never ceases to amaze us. With each passing day, the inconceivable becomes a reality. From the usage of landline and cordless phones in the late 90s and early 2000s to the invention of multi-purpose ‘’smartphones’’ within the next ten years and now, possibly the foldable smart phone, the first of its kind before we approach 2020, we have witnessed some rapid changes in trends and technological advancements. 
With the innovative launch of water-proof phones and the possible launch of advanced transparent; dual-screened phones, a futuristic vision for a foldable smartphone was only a matter of time.
Samsung is aiming to make that a reality by 2018 with a probably slated launch for its first ever foldable smartphone- Galaxy X which has been highly speculated about for quite some time. Here’s what we know about it so far.

Samsung Galaxy X flexible smartphone
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Limited release of 100,000 Units Of Galaxy X
While Samsung factually dominates the smartphone industry, it is reportedly opting to limit the initial release of Galaxy X to only a 100,000 units. Many hypothesize that this is due to the fact that this is a very new technology and Samsung wants to test the waters first. Only time will tell.

To Be Available Only In Few Countries at First
Although Galaxy X will launch across the world eventually, it is going to be supposedly hit only in a handful countries first like the US, UK, Poland and Samsung’s home country- South Korea.

Galaxy X To Be Launched Under The Note Brand?
President of mobile business in Samsung Electronics, Koh Dong-Jin has claimed that Galaxy X will make its entry under the ‘Note group’ of Samsung smartphones. 

Smart Phone/ Tablet Or Both?
An interesting speculation that has come to light is that Galaxy X might be a hybrid of a smartphone and tablet. The phone which was previously termed as ‘’Project Valley’’ before getting its present name, will also allegedly have a display of 4k to have high resolution even in its folded state. More rumors such as its 5-inch mobile screen and 7-inch tablet display and ‘screen hinge technology’ continue to surface.
With technology at our beck and call, no invention is beyond the reach of the man, Galaxy X is only an example of that. 

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