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Galaxy S7 Putin Phone
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Putin phone Galaxy S7 costs up to $27000

Date : 2018-04-07
Author : Amar Prem

The Russian smartphone customization experts at Caviar are at it again, revealing the original Putinphone. This one's based on Samsung's Galaxy S7, and like all other Putin phones ere it comes with President Putin's face engraved on the back. Moreover, to give your handset that extra shot of bling it so desperately needed. Everything else on the back is gold, and only three of these "Caviar Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino" models 7 made.

You can be the prosperous owner of one for the measly sum of RUB 1,790,000, or $27,213. If you need Putin's face on your phone but can't afford the Rubino Galaxy S7 described above, perhaps you do have enough dough to buy the Mixed Metals iteration, which is only RUB 169,000 ($2,570). This one has yellow and white gold on it, no rubies though.

Caviar is only going to make three pieces of the Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino, so this confined edition model is perfect for Putin devotees who want exclusivity. For those questioning about the losses for this 32 GB customized model of the flagship Samsung smartphone — it cost $27,000 or 1.79 million rubles.

Caviar is known to be a professional when it comes to smartphone customizations. This phone is not the first Putin phone from the company, which is symbolic of the demand.

Oligarchs who are not so keen on acquiring the ruby-encrusted portrait of Putin variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 from Caviar have other options that are less ostentatious. For instance, the yellow-gold Samsung Supremo Putin variant, which is made from titanium and is $2,400 or 159,000 rubles. This variant is up for preorder.