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Pokémon GO
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Pokémon GO thrills the gaming world with its entrance into the gaming world

Date : 2018-04-14
Author : Amar Prem

Pokémon GO is one of the biggest game in the gaming industry. People are going crazy about Pokémon GO. Everyone loves this unique game. This game is the most significant mobile game in the US history. Within releasing of 24hours of this game, it hits the top place in store by beating top games hit and Supercell’s to become the high game of 2016.

Pokmon Go strips the roleplaying series for its most valuable parts, scrapping most of the story and setting altogether. There is no adventure or fantastical world. The augmented reality game invites players to find and catch adorable pokémon by walking around the real world. Like its predecessor, Pokémon Go includes competitive battles, though it trades the depth and complexity of previous games for a truncated upgrade system, shallow combat, and an esoteric meta-game about conquering territories in the game’s equivalent of Google Maps.