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Now Bluetick on WhatsApp can lead you into legal action

Date : 2018-06-16
Author : Sahil Kukreja

According to Bombay high court, legal notice or messages sent through WhatsApp can be used for legal evidence under the law. The bluetick on the messaging app is a legal proof that the user has received all the details sent by another user to him on WhatsApp. 

It is physical proof that you have received all the information and can be used for legal evidence in court. Bombay court was hearing a case between SBI card and a resident Rohit Jadhav. Rohit Jadhav said, "bank doesn't send me any pdf file regarding my details." SBI Cards show their WhatsApp message which was sent by SBI card's officer and received by Rohit. 

Bank shows that he also open the file and even read it. According to Justice Gautam S Patel, "Rohit was served by an authorized officer of the bank. So, this is a legal process of the bank."

He further added, "For service of notice under Order XXI Rule 22 of the Code of Civil Procedure, I will accept this bluetick icon as legal evidence. The bluetick icon clearly shows that Rohit not even received file but he also read it.

This case was filed against Rohit because Rohit was not clearing his credit card due of Rs.1.17lakh from 2010. SBI card trace Rohit mobile number; they sent him the message over WhatsApp with all the necessary details and kept this message for the further legal process.

Law states that notice is served in person or through registered post. Following the enactment of the I-T Act, which recognizes electronic communication as shreds of evidence, courts have allowed legal notices through email.