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Instagram no longer notify the user when you screenshot their Stories.

Date : 2018-06-15
Author : Amar Prem


Now, you can recklessly take the screenshot of your friend stories. Instagram introduced this function several months ago. In this feature, Instagram notifies the user when someone takes screenshots of their Instagram stories. 

Facebook has subsidiary revealed that this function is no longer support by Instagram. It gives some relaxation to those users who love to take a screenshot of other user Instagram stories.

Image Credit:- & Instagram Logo with eyes

This function comes into effect from last few days only. We confirmed it at our end. In previously result, it shows star icon with the name of the user. Star icon indicated that this user takes the screenshot of this story. Instagram app new update no longer support this function.

The previous feature was helpful for those who want to know who took the screenshot of their stories. Now, the star icon place is coming empty even after taking the screenshot of the story.

Instagram team remove this function to make easy use of Instagram for its user without taking any extra effect. Instagram officially did not say anything about this change. We always love to take screenshots without coming into anyone eye.

Now, no more risk in taking screenshots on Instagram, go wild with it. 

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