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Indian Youth is going towards Dating Apps.

Date : 2018-06-03
Author : Amar Prem


Everyone knows about dating app. These apps have fantastic features, and there are millions of members on dating apps. It is enough to get more audience on these apps. They are millions of people searching for friends, partners and many more.

Indian youth focused on these apps on the place of the Matrimonial website and these types of Ads. A considerable number of people are using these apps in India. Everyone is searching for something. All they have different purpose of using these apps. These all details are generated by a report which comes on this Tuesday. 

Dating App
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They are focused on social media, and they are addicted now. This service was held in four metro cities in India. This service was on whose age is 20-30 and majority of people accepted that they love to use these types of apps. Even already married people also use these apps.

People said that it is safe and even they can also hide their own identity and chat with anyone they want to chat. In future, these apps will get a tremendous amount of audience because they provide an opportunity for people to connect with new people and everyone love to meet new people. We have human nature of meeting new people.

According to report, this business in less than Rs50 million but in future, this industry will be large, and it will expand so much. Youth are trying to connect with new one.

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