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How to secure your Facebook Account?

Date : 2017-12-27
Author : Amar Prem


Facebook is a leading social website. Everyone uses social sites generally in these days. Everyone wants to be safe on Internet, but they don't know how to be safe and how to prevent ourselves from hacking. Hacking is a major issue these days on websites. Lots of people only know how to log in and log out, but they don't know exactly how to prevent their account from hacking and from others self to be safe on the Internet.

So, ok let's finally talk about how to prevent your Facebook account from hackers. 

Securing your Facebook account is effortless. It’s not very hard. Facebook account is always hacked due to our mistakes. Facebook doesn’t have any problem in its coding because of Facebook is paying millions of dollars to its Ethical hackers to hack Facebook and if the Facebook hacker’s found any loophole in it. Then these pirates told to the security team, and they remove it. By doing many other things, Facebook is becoming more secure day by day. Hacker only can access your account when you give them a chance. Like you are using public wifi or if your hacker neighbor knows your wifi password then your all data is going through his/her laptop or pc.

Facebook security
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You must follow few steps to prevent yourself from hackers.
My account never hacked even I’m highly active on Social Media having more than 50,000+ followers. 
Must follow these below steps and you will be safe from hackers. All points are critical and you must have to follow these 

•    First of all, follow video suggestion for 1st & most essential and high-level security in your account.
•    Must active Two-factor-authentication login. It will secure your account 100% from hackers.
•    Never log in to Facebook account using public wifi because of we don’t know who is its all network. They can use our login info.
•    Never click on any link. If anyone sends you any link using Email or using Facebook the message or any other media like WhatsApp, hike, telegram or any other social media platform. If you want to open Facebook, then don’t open using any link. You must have to type into your URL bar then open it.
•    You must change your Email id and also add your mobile no. With Facebook to make it more secure.
•    If you attach any Email id to Facebook, then your Email id and Facebook id password should not be same.
•    Now login to your Email account and change its password and set its recovery Email & phone no. for your Email Id. Also check your email setting, because of Hackers can set their email id or phone for to get your Email id access. 
•    If they have access to your Email id, then they can quickly gain access to your Facebook account.
•    Facebook and Email id password should not be same in any case. STRICT WARNING
•    Also, call to your Wifi or internet provider and tell them that “Please set my Wifi router IP address setting on my mobile & laptop.”  IP address setting means It will make keep you away from hackers and also ask them to fix high-security router for you. Tell them that, I want that only my home devices can connect to this wifi. Tell them that you don’t want anyone to use this internet with IP address setting. MUST FOLLOW THIS.
•    Don’t click on an Email link. They can be IP tracker, and it means your account has been hacked. Never click on inappropriate emails. SIMPLY SELECT AND DELETE ALL UNNECESSARY EMAILS.

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