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Google new app Reply, now send Automatic reply to all apps

Date : 2018-02-23
Author : Sahil Kukreja


Google is working on a new app, name "Reply". This product is created by Google Experimental division and its another name is "Area 120".  The always create products for testing and many times, they were closed with times. 

Using this app, we can automatically reply to WhatsApp, the Facebook messenger, Twitter directs and other instant messaging apps. Still, this is not officially launched. So, you are thinking that we can easily reply to instant messaging apps, so what new in this app?

Google Reply is different from another messenger app. Here you will find auto created message and it will also suggest you to what you have to reply. All these predictions and suggestion will be given to you on the base of your location your old chat. So, for all these features you have to allow this app to get your location, your chat history and other permissions.

Google Reply Chatboat App
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For set-up of this app, you have to allow this app to read your notifications. For example, if anyone asks you for your location and the time will take to reach your destination. Then this app will send the time and location on based on your location. If you are driving bike and you can't read the message then it will automatically send them to reply.

There are many features in this app, like ON train, walking and during monitoring. It is because of when you are busy so it can send them automated reply. Something more special is this if you are driving then it will detect and it will set your device on "Do Not Disturb" and it will send the automatic reply. According to reports, there will be a boat icon with all automatic reply. With the help of this, the reader will know this is the auto reply and this is really great. Hope, so it will be awesome and will send reply as we are sending then it will be a blast in technology. Technology is going so fast and it is more comfortable for us.

Download Google Reply App from here. It is official and 100% secure to download.

Download Google Reply App


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