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Google and  911 Pinpoint Location
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Google and 911 are planning together to get an accurate location.

Date : 2018-06-04
Author : Amar Prem

We all believe in Google maps, and it's location more than any map. We always use it to get our destination location way. It still gives you a perfect, safe and small way to reach your destination.

These days Google and USA emergency service 911 are working together to get victim or caller's exact pinpoint address or location. They are testing technology with the help of this technology, 911 will exact pinpoint location of the caller who is using tech.

Their test is it more 80% accurate than usual phone callers. It gives an exact location of the caller. It will be so much easy for 911 to reach at the right time and it can say the life of those who are in the emergency.

When someone calls to 911 than 911 always get the location in under 522feet but now using Google tech they can find the more accurate location of the caller within 121 feet.

Last year, collaborate with Europen Emergency Number Association and developed at an advanced mobile location. It sends dispatchers an SMS with location details with the radius of 6meters. 

Yes, Google can get your pinpoint location, but it can't save your life until they are attached to something like 911. According to Reports of 911, they can save around 10000 lives if they will get exact details of the caller like Uber provide for its driver to get the precise pinpoint location of their customers. 

Maybe until the end of this year, Google can roll out this feature in the US for Android users.