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Google Android launch first developer preview of Android P

Date : 2018-06-11
Author : Naveen Bhatia


As we were listening, Google is working on Android P, and Google is coming with it in the market. Finally, Google launches Android P first developer preview, and it is fantastic. This is still available for only Google pixel phones users; if you have Google pixel then you can update into Android P for developer preview otherwise you can't download if you have another Android phone except for Google Pixel.

AGoogle Android P
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What's new in the Android P?
According to rumors, Google is working on iPhone's notch, and he will launch with Android P. This is true, Google Android P comes with the notch, but it is not permanent. You can remove it, and you can also fix it.

The next feature in the Android P is about the message. If someone messages you then you can reply to them automatically, and it will show you some suggestions for the message, and you can merely send these suggestions as your message by tapping on these suggestions. These are very helpful, and they are correct according to the chat.

AGoogle Android P
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This is the first preview of Android P, and this is only for app developers. Using this, the app developer can develop their app next version according to Android P.

The next option is related to the power button. In the previous version when you click on the power button. It shows power off and restarts your device button but in the Android P. There is another option, and they added a Screenshot button. By tapping on screenshot button, you can take the screenshot of the whole screen, and this will be very easy. Now you don't need to press two-three buttons at the same time.

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The next feature is for the volume button. In the previous version of Android, when you click on the volume button, you can naturally increase and decrease your volume by pressing the button. You have to keep pushing to increase or decrease volume, but in the Android P. You have to click on the volume button simply then it will show a popup on the screen. You can increase and decrease volume. You can make silent your phone and can keep on the normal mode. This very easy.

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The main thing in the Android P is about user privacy, and it's data security. There are many apps like Facebook, Twitter and other some big apps stealing your data and they are using our data to show their advertisement on our phones. They are not using our information for some illegal things, but if someone steals this data, then it can be harmful to us. So, Google work on it and now these apps cannot steal your data without your permission. It is a significant step to increase the security and privacy of the user. There are many apps and some virus also access your camera and accessing your phone camera without your permission can be dangerous.

Android P concludes that they work on the design and privacy. They worked so much on design. This is only a first preview. There are lots of significant changes are coming in the future. Related to notification on screen, lock screen lock. This is just a showcase.

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