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Facebook trying to stop fake news

Date : 2017-12-26
Author : Amar Prem


Leading social media website Facebook said that they are trying to remove fake news and it is only possible with the help of uses only. Regarding false news, Facebook giving full-page advertising in the newspaper. Facebook take this significant step when people are trying to spread the fake news on social media as using Facebook and WhatsApp. WhatsApp you also the application of Facebook now. On the advertisement related a false story, there is a logo of Facebook and FB tagline is they can remove fake news only with the help of people. 

Facebook Fake News
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Facebook said they are trying to stop fake news and also working on it. Facebook noted that user has first to check report is fake or not before you believe it. 

Facebook is asking to its user to tell that how they can stop fake news. Report believing on any news first you have to check URL, source, date, and format of the press. People try to spread the false story, and this is very harmful to society and its effect society in bad manners. Due to fake news, violence start in many places, people start to hate places or people or leader or any religion only behalf of a real small phony news. So, we must protect our society from bad things, and we can help to our community to make it better and violence-free.

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