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Facebook is testing on Downvote button

Date : 2018-06-02
Author : Naveen Bhatia


The social media giant is coming with new features day by day. Now, Facebook is testing on the new feature, and it is a dislike button. Its name is downvote button. 

This button will appear for comment, not for any post, image or video. The feature will be attached to user comment. Still, they are testing this feature on limited users, and it will be launched for the public if when they will complete its testing.

Facebook Down Button
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A Facebook speaker said to Techcrunch that they are giving this feature to the user to report any comment when it is "Offensive," "Misleading" and "Off Topic." 

According to Facebook, we are not testing on dislike button, and we will never launch dislike button for users. Its create fear and insecurity among user to share anything. According to them, we are only providing a small and useful feature to users to make our community great and user-friendly. 

According to use, this will be a handy feature for users, and it will create an excellent user-friendly environment for users.

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