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Big smartphones launching at MWC 2018

Date : 2018-06-06
Author : Amar Prem


Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 events are going in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile companies are releasing their smartphones. This event is not for the public. MWC is for traders. Many companies are launching their much awaited mobile phones. Some technology giant is talking about 5G, and they are testing 5G. Hope in future, 5G supported coming so soon. 

Samsung Galaxy S9: -
Samsung launched its much awaited Samsung Galaxy 9. It is similar to Samsung Galaxy 8 looks. There is a small difference between these phones, and it is camera quality. It will take the better picture in low-light, and it will also record slow-motion videos with a frame rate of 960 frames per second. 

It will come with augmented reality (AR) to compete with iPhone X. It will show users to take a selfie, and it will turn pictures into emoji and user can customize these emoji.

This phone comes in two variants, one is of 5.8 inches display, and other is 6.2 inches. Display phone. This phone will release in March 2018.

Samsung Galaxy 9 price: - $1170.

Nokia 8 Sirocco: -
HDM Global, right owner of Nokia to make its phones unveiled few phones in MWC 2018. It releases new phones to compete with Apple and Samsung. 

It is coming with the Android operating system. Nokia 8 Sirocco has 5.5 inches curved display with dual camera and wireless charging. The phone will release in April. 

Nokia 8 Sirocco price: -  $921.

Big smartphones launching at MWC 2018
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Nokia 8110: -
In 2017, HDM Global comes with Nokia branded phones and it releases iconic phone Nokia 3310. This year, it comes with Nokia 8110 which known as "banana phone."

Maybe it will come in yellow or black color. It will run Linux based Kai operating system. There are few preinstalled apps on this phone, Like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The phone will release in May. 

Nokia 8110 price:- $97

LG V30S ThinQ
LG releases new updated version of V30. This is much more similar to V30. New features of this phones are dual camera setup, runs on Android and six-inches OLED display. It contains 6GB RAM, and internal storage is from 128GB to 256GB. 

LG V30S ThinQ will come with AI Cam. It will use the automatic machine to adjust colors according to the situations to optimize photographs. LG still doesn't announce the date of release and its price. 

Sony Xperia XZ2
On Monday, Sony launched its flagship phone Xperia X72, and it comes with more features than Xperia X71. 

It will record high definition videos in 4K, and it will color automatically to make pictures better. There is a new feature on the phone, and it is called Dynamic Vibration System. It will vibrate phone if you are watching videos or listening songs. 

Its screen is of 5.7-inch, a curved Gorilla Glass 5 back and wireless charging. Also, another small version of this phone will be released but there will not any Dynamic Vibration System or wireless charging. There will be a plastic back on the place of glass.
Sony still doesn't announce the date of release and its price. 

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