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Apple has filed a patent of VR Headset

Date : 2018-05-30
Author : Amar Prem


These days VR devices are so popular among people who love to watch movies on the phone. They are easy to carry and provide a better way of visuality. Many companies are coming into the field of VR technology. Now, news happens, and it is directly showing the tech giant Apple name.

Apple has applied for the patent of new VR device which will be much lighter and more comfortable than Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) of Microsoft and Facebook's Oculus VR.

According to IANS news, SlashGear report said that American patent and trademark office published a report, in which they give info about Apple that they have submitted a head-mounted display design. It also decreases the size of VR headsets. This will told by the time that how it appears to look.

Apple VR Headset patient
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They talked about multi-lens configuration in the patient file "Double Optical System for Head-Mounted Display" that they will be much more lighter than previous patients. They also said that it would give relief to users and they can use it for a long time. 

If we talk about another news, a US citizen from Florida said that its iPhone airpod get fire and on another part of the country, when a girl was listening song using airpod, suddenly she felt different in her ears.

According to the victim, he said that he couldn't see when it explode but he said you could see the damage caused by the fire.

Although the cause of the incident has not been known yet, Apple says it is investigating. In particular, this is not the first time that an explosion incident occurred in a great device. Around more than dozen issue was coming regarding Airpod issue.

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