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Android P features
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Android P - Overview, Features, Design

Date : 2018-06-07
Author : Sahil Kukreja

So, what is inside in Google Android P, Android P features with the new design will be impressive according to rumours. The latest version of the Android is 8.0 Oreo, and it is running on the phone. It is only coming in the new phones but also available in just costly phones. Now, everyone is talking about Android P. It will be the next version of Android series. Here is Android P Overview.

What will be inside on Android P: -
Many new features are coming in the Android P. Google is focusing on the privacy of the user. It involved operating system preventing apps from idling in the background, and it will also prevent your phone from the app which is accessing the camera in the background. If there is a virus on your phone and it is accessing your phone camera, then it will revoke it.

It will tell you about if someone is recording your phone call then it will play the tone on your phone after every 15 seconds through your call if your call is recording by the caller but for this feature, your carrier provider also supports this feature. Still, this is under processing even not so much info available for it that how it will work this is a confusion. They also work on to improve battery life of the phone.

What does means by P in Android P?
Like always Google gives the name to Android on the sweets name like ice creams, Marshmallow to cupcakes in the past in according to some inner sources Android P stand for Pistachio ice cream but this is not a final name so let's see what will be the name of Android P.

Design of Android P?

This time Google focused on the design of the Android. According to the rumours, they are saying that Android P adopts iPhone's notch.  Google wants to attract people who are going from Android to iPhone. On the iPhone notch, there are some sensor and camera fitted there. They want to make it more visible, attractive and fast for users. This will be a just a small part of the design. Android P will provide more in-depth customization available for Android users, and it can give similar design but let's see.

Before the Android P is launched, there are many manufacturers of phones will already start notch on their phones. It's not final; this is only a rumour. The manufacturer can change design their phone's software to look different from other, and it can also provide better design if phones make will work on the design.

Google assistant for Android P:-
Google assistant is already a part of Android, but now Google Assistant will be more effective and user-friendly in Android P There will be some more enhancement in a Google assistant according to Bloomberg report. According to the engineers, they are considering to place Google Assistant inside search bar or main home screen.

So, when it is coming to the market?
According to a Google Engineer, Google Android developer preview maybe come in March or in April first week but Google IO 2018 is scheduled to being on May 8, or maybe they can also launch Android P developer preview versions. We would love to hear about Android P on that day.

There is not any information on when the software will be ready for your phones to use it but according to some news Google developer preview, final version maybe comes in September or October end.

The conclusion of Android P:- 
This time Google is working on Android P design, and it will be a good design. They are mainly focusing on the privacy of user and design of the operating system. If you remove the design from the part of the Android P, then it will be mostly the same as Android O. We all are super excited about Google P design.  How will it look? Just wait and watch how it will look.