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Livecoin – Get cashback every day
Image Credit:- Livecoin App Predict your value here

Android App – Livecoin – Get cashback every day

Date : 2018-06-17
Author : Sahil Kukreja

The one of a kind app where you can earn cash back just with your predictions. Any Guesses?

Well, this app is based on stock market predictions. You just have to predict the market’s closing for the current day and the next day. The list of indexes/stocks is predefined, and it may vary with time. You can predict for all available list every day. 

Let me brief you with App's screens :
Homepage: -

It shows the closing values of the previous day. 

Prediction: -

Here you predict the values, by selecting various options from the list, date and then enter the value of your choice. You can also predict for the complete list every day. The closer your prediction be, the more coins you win and hence, the more cashback you get.

Leaderboard: -

This list gets updated every day after the closing of markets.  It shows the number of coins you have arrived for the day.

Coins to Rupee conversion: -This is the conversion rate on the basis of which you get cash back. The more you accumulate, the more conversion rate you get, as mentioned.


Livecoin – Get cashback every day
Image Credit:- Livecoin App Conversion Rate

Redeem Livecoin: -

Here you can withdraw your accumulated coins. Once you redeem the coins, we transfer the amount to your registered Paytm account with the valid phone number you had provided while registering with us. The threshold limit is 1000 coins for withdrawal.

Livecoin – Get cashback every day
Image Credit:- Livecoin App Stock Ideas

Stock Ideas: -

Here you get to see the trading tips for both trading and investment purpose. However, you need to purchase the tips with the accumulated coins. The purchase amount is hardly a small amount just for little appreciation.

Livecoin – Get cashback every day
Image Credit:- Livecoin App Wallet of Livecoin and earn through Referral link

Refer and Earn: -

Here you get the referral bonus on sharing the app with your friends and contacts. While signing up, your referral needs to enter your registered phone number for becoming a valid referral, and then you get the bonus coins in your wallet.

For a video demo, click here for demo.
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